dimanche 4 septembre 2011

Term used describe a male breakdancer.
The term "B-boy" which was orignally "Bronx boy" originated in New york during the era and evolution of the hip hop culture. During the years the word has change into "Break Boy" or B-boy
which derives from the fact that the dancers dance to the "break" of a song.
A B-boy is a breakdancer who dances, to the break in a song, in a style using various gymnastic moves and body movements in an ability in which the human body may seem impossible to perform. Many B-boys tend to be recognized by their creative names, such as B-boy crazy legs.
"B-boy Twister can spin really fast."
"That B-boy knows how to dance!"

A unique and fun-loving individual who likes to party, and often believes that it's good, it's good. Bboys are typically raised in New Jersey, but have been known to migrate to Pennsylvania.
That dude party's like a true B-boy. It's good. It's good.
Walk On Air Crew BOTY 2012

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